International Network of Jurists for the Integration of the Americas





Past news


 2015 News



We will be updating our Virtual Library in the following days; please note that many interesting books and articles will be available.


 2014 News



We congratulate our member Dr. Pedro Salazar Ugarte, who has been appointed as the new Director of the National Autonomous University of Mexico's Legal Research Institute.


New book

El Acceso a la Justicia Ambiental en Latinoamérica, by our member Dr. Javier Gonzaga Valencia Hernández has been recently published by Porrúa, the University of Caldas and our RIJIA more



We are pleased to announce our President, Dr. Juan Pablo Pampillo Baliño, has been appointed level 3 Researcher within the National System of Researchers of Mexico.


New Book

Derecho Supranacional y Comparado, coordinated by our members Dr. Eber Betanzos and D. Helena Posener, has been released by Porrúa and nine other research institutes, including our own RIJIA more



Several distinguished members of the RIJIA network, Rodolfo L. Vigo (Argentina), Antonio-Carlos Pereira Menaut (Spain), Paulo Ferreira da Cunha (Portugal), José Luis Soberanes Fernández (Mexico), Xavier Díez de Urdanivia (Mexico), Eber Betanzos Torres (Mexico), Arturo O. Damián Martín (Mexico) and Juan Pablo Pampillo Baliño (Mexico), delivered lectures in the Constitutional Law in the context of Globalization PhD program of the Autonomous University of the Northeast, in Mexico.


The Journal of Law of the University of Caldas, Colombia, welcomes contributions for publication in the special issue dedicated to the Integration and Compared Law of the Americas. Please visit for further information.